Terms and Conditions

1. When ordering goods, customers must provide their last name and valid phone number for WhatsApp contact.

2. The price of the pre-ordered goods shall be based on the price of the goods on the receipt. To protect both the buyer and the seller, the price of the goods will not be modified.

3. After ordering products from our store, the deposit cannot be refunded or the product style can be changed.

4. If the expected launch date of the product is delayed, no further notice will be given.

5. If the manufacturer's supply is insufficient, the deposit for the relevant product will be fully refunded.

6. After receiving the arrival notice from our company, the customer must complete the pickup process within 14 days. Overdue orders will be regarded as late orders and abandoned, and storage fees may be charged.

7. To pick up the goods, you can make an appointment to pick up the goods at our store, or we can send them to the location you requested (including SF Express business points and smart lockers in various districts in Hong Kong) via SF Express collect.

8. The outer packaging box of the product may be dented. The company is not responsible for it, and the customer cannot request a refund for this reason.

9. Please accept the goods on site. Exchanges only include missing or damaged parts. Because the coloring of each item is different, our company will reserve the final right to replace it. The goods will not be returned or exchanged after they are shipped.

10. Orders cannot be resold to others. If the customer needs to change their phone number, they must notify the customer and a $30 handling fee will be charged.

11. Once the customer pays the deposit, it means that the customer accepts and understands the product prices and transaction terms listed on the receipt.

12. In case of any dispute, CRA5Y reserves the right to make the final decision.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

WhatsApp: 92391555

Email: Cra5ywebshop@Gmail.com

Thank you for supporting CRA5Y.com.