Payment methods

Our store supports the following payment methods:

VISA / MASTERCARD / APPLEPAY / GOOGLEPAY ( +3.3% processing fee )
Bank transfer (HSBC) (transaction fee is waived)
Bank cash deposit (no bank account required) (free of charge)
Electronic wallet (PayMe, FPS) (free of charge)

  • All orders must be credited and notified within 48 hours after creation, otherwise the order will be cancelled.
  • The content in the remittance remarks column is for your reference only, and our company cannot receive this information.
  • You must notify us via WhatsApp after completing the deposit, otherwise the order will not be confirmed.

Bank transfer/bank cash deposit:

HSBC account number
Account Name #CRA5Y SHOP
HSBC# 801-565805-838 (
  • Hang Seng Bank accounts can be transferred directly to HSBC bank account ATMs without any handling fees.
  • Please check with your bank regarding online transfer fees.
  • Please try not to use inter-bank transfer services, otherwise the transfer will be delayed and the order processing may be delayed beyond the deadline.
  • Do not use bank counter services otherwise a handling fee of HK$20 will be charged
  • Please use FPS for online bank transfers
Electronic wallet PayMe / O!ePay (Octopus) etc.
  • PayMe electronic wallet payment system, please use Whatsapp mode to transfer funds
O!ePay (Octopus) / AlipayHK / Tap&Go and other electronic wallet payment systems, please use FPS mode to transfer funds
  • FPS identification code# 92391555
The beneficiary bank is " default bank account " or this item is not selected.

Overseas payment only supports VISA / MASTERCARD / APPLEPAY / GOOGLEPAY ( +3.3% transaction fee )

Overseas customers please contact us via WHATSAPP before purchasing products.

If you have any questions, please contact us before placing an order .
In case of any dispute, CRA5Y SHOP reserves the right of final decision.

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