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"Demon Slayer Blade" 16 types of コンプリートセット

"Demon Slayer Blade" 16 types of コンプリートセット

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■Item name "Demon Slayer Blade" 16 types of コンプリートセット[OT0062]

■Brand Bside-label

■Scheduled to go on sale and arrive in three weeks

■Product size

■Title of work Demon Slayer's Blade


■Other information

Kamado Tanjiro: Height 73mm×width 65mm
Kamado Nezuko: Height 71mm × Width 51mm
My wife Zenitsu: height 72mm x width 58mm
Mouthira Inosuke: Height 76mm × Width 58mm
Giyuu Tomoka: Height 73mm×width 57mm
Butterfly butterfly: height 75mm × width 53mm
Purgatory Anjuro: Height 74mm×width 55mm
Yuzhuan Tianyuan: Height: 75mm×width: 51mm
Immortal Kawa Miya: height 77mm×width 54mm
Inside the Iguro minibus: height 72mm x width 60mm
Mingming Island Xingming: Height: 74mm×width: 52mm
Kanroji Mi Glass: Height: 73mm × Width: 50mm
Muichiro Tokitou: Height 71mm x Width 54mm
锖兎:Height 71mm×width 61mm
True wild rice: height 74mm × width 56mm
Kurihanarukkana: height 71mm × width 61mm


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