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Box Lunch Minnie 100% & 400% / 1000% Be@rBrick

Box Lunch Minnie 100% & 400% / 1000% Be@rBrick

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■Product name Box Lunch Minnie 100% & 400% / 1000% Be@rBrick
■Product size

100% total height approximately 7cm

400% total height approximately 28cm

1000% total height approximately 70cm

■400%+100% of order price

HKD1080 (deposit HKD500, remainder HKD580)

■1000% of order price

HKD4880 (Deposit HKD1400, ending HKD3480)

■Shipping May 2023 will be announced
■Other information

This is the order page. After paying the deposit, you need to make a recharge.

Please complete the deposit within 24 hours, otherwise it will be deemed as abandoned.

It is normal for the goods to have dents in the outer box. If the customer picks up the goods too late and fails to pick up the goods with beautiful outer boxes, the company will not be responsible, and the customer cannot request a refund for this reason.

Please inspect the goods on site. Exchanges only include missing or damaged parts. Because the coloring of each item is different, the company will reserve the final right to replace it. The goods will not be returned or exchanged after they are shipped out.

If the delivery quantity of the goods is insufficient, we will deliver the goods to the customers in the order of reservation. For other customers, we will refund all the deposits. Thank you!


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