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Mitani Juriザ・Sendō Korraman T-Shirt

Mitani Juriザ・Sendō Korraman T-Shirt

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■Product name Miya Juriザ・Sendō Korramant Shirt


Lサイズ/ XLサイズ
Height: 73 / 77
Height: 55 / 58
Shoulder width: 50 / 54
Sleeve length: 22 / 24

■Arrived within three weeks

■Limited quantity of こちらにつき, ご书文はおhayhayめに!

■The quantity of all clothing products is quite limited. After placing your order, please WHATSAPP us to confirm the color/SIZE/quantity. Payment will be made after we confirm the inventory. Thanks for supporting Cra5y.
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