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The Rosetta Stone=The British Museum Be@rBrick

The Rosetta Stone=The British Museum Be@rBrick

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■Product name The Rosetta Stone=The British Museum Be@rBrick


■Product size 100% Total height about 7cm 400% total height approximately 28cm 10 00% total height approximately 70cm

400% + 100% order price HKD1250 (deposit: 300)

1000% order price HKD4600 (deposit: 1400)

■Title of work



■Other information

✅ To make your purchase more comfortable for everyone, for all those who order 1000%, we will personally deliver it to a subway station near you for delivery. You don’t have to carry a big box and walk around in such a hard way. 🙈 Thank you everyone for supporting Cra5y 👍🏼
✅ The settlement will not be processed in advance! No life deposit required! Pay the last payment first when the goods arrive! Safe and reliable 💪🏻

This is the order page. After paying the deposit, you need to make a recharge.

Please complete the deposit within 24 hours, otherwise it will be deemed as abandoned.

Customers please note that if the delivery quantity of the goods is insufficient, we will deliver the goods to the customers in the order of reservation. For other customers, we will refund all the deposits. Thank you!

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